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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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Inle Lake : Life on the water

Posted by Floriane Romain Worldtour on December 12 2014, 15:02pm

Categories: #myanmar

After 10 hours in a “frozen” bus (aircon was set on the lowest temperature), we arrived in Inle Lake. This big lake is famous for its traditional fishermen who use a net made of bamboo to fish!

After a “day off” to rest (that we also used to book our flight ticket to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island, and Chile), we rented bikes to go around!! When we passed in front of the winery we couldn’t resist!!! But the wine was not really good (and the quantities too small)… but they had blue cheese… And I love it!!! (Romain preferred garlic bread…)

The next morning we did a boat ride on the lake. A whole life is organized on the lake. Houses built on stilts, with canals instead of streets and boats instead of cars are everywhere on the lake. Even the gardening is made on the water…a real floating garden! The market is also on boats! (Unfortunately we couldn’t see it because it was full moon and there is no market on full moon)

During our tour we also visited many temples, pagodas and monasteries, but also a lot of small handmade shops. Do you know that lotus is used to make string and then fabrics that are sold 7 times more than silk???

We met « long neck women », these Burmese women wear big necklaces which give an impression of a very long neck. It was astonishing to see them “in live” but we think that these women were only “paid to be long neck women” so that tourists can buy their cotton scarves…

Our tour ended with a cigar factory made with banana leaves, and filled with tobacco mixed with anise and other plants or spices!

 Even if the visit of the lake is very touristic, we really enjoyed it and we highly recommend it !
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