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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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Siem Reap – Meeting with the children and…. Santa!!!

Posted by Floriane Romain Worldtour on December 29 2014, 13:15pm

Categories: #cambodia

In Siem Reap, we were glad to discover the “hidden” French School: with only 75 pupils, it is a very small one. Again, it is so nice to be warmly welcome by teachers, headmaster and of course by the children!!!

We first met Laetitia’s pupils (CE1 – CE2) and we learnt a lot of games:

-       -  The game “Gazelle, Lion, Crocodile”: You need as much lions as gazelles and for the crocodiles, they can be a bit less. Crocodiles are in the “river” (lines on the ground) at the end of the play field. Gazelles are on the starting line and have a scarf in their back (used as a tail). The lions are one meter behind the gazelles. At the starting bang, gazelles and lions runs. Lions have to catch the tail of the gazelles but when they reach the river, gazelles are safe and lions can be catch by the crocodiles….
-     - “Monkeys and coconuts”: Monkeys are in team of 2 and stay on each side of the “river” (lines on the ground), where there are many crocodiles. Each team has a ball (a coconut) and the goal is to throw the coconut from one side to another as many time as possible before the crocodiles catch the ball.

-       -  “Wolf and squirrel”: In a basket you put some balls (nuts) and you define where is the river (a line on the ground). Squirrels have to transport the nuts from the basket to their home, after the river. But the territory between the nuts and the river is full of wolves… Be careful not to be catch!!!

-        - “Sparrowhawk with condition”: It is the same game as the normal sparrohawk: all players are on one side of the field and they have to cross it when the sparrowhawk asks them to get out but in this version, the sparrowhawk can had “conditions”. For example “all player with glasses get out”: all children have to cross the field (so that they will be on the same side for the next round) but only the children with glasses can be caught by the sparrowhawk.

-        - “Wizard and Goblin version Country”: you need to define 2 countries (2 fields on the ground) and 2 teams. Wizards have to catch the goblins and bring them to the cauldron. Wizards cannot move from one country to another but goblins can. When a goblin is caught, he can be delivered by the “super goblin” who can only be caught by the “super wizard”.  The super wizard is the only wizard who can change “country” and move everywhere! Is is a game with many types of players so children have a lot of fun!

-        - “Rabbit and hunter”: You choose 2 teams : rabbits and hunters. Hunters have balls and have to touch rabbits with the ball. If a rabbit is touched, he is “frozen” and can only be delivered if the “Super rabbit” touches him. And of course the super rabbit can only be touched by the “super hunter”… (so, as you noticed, Laetitia and the children love the “super” players!!!)

As the older ones had to work and couldn’t participate, we came 3 days to “animate” the playground for their break!!! We had a lot of fun together!!!

And as is wasn’t enough, we were invited at the traditional Christmas party. All children sang Christmas songs and then called Santa who came…. Abseiling!! It was so lovely to see him “coming down from the sky”… Only the black boots were missing but with this heat we can understand that he preferred to wear flip flops!!!

We hope that Santa put some clothes in between so that he could bring you everything you asked him !!! We were very spoiled by our families but also by the French School of Mouvaux. Big ones and little ones offered us a lovely surprise. Once again, thank you very much!!!

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