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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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Kampot, Koh Ta Kiev and Kratie : Peaceful time near the Mekong River and the Indian Ocean

Posted by Floriane Romain Worldtour on January 14 2015, 05:02am

Categories: #cambodia

For New Year’s Eve, we went to Kampot; a well-known place for its pepper. As pepper lovers, we visited a farm. Pepper grows on a climbing plant and even if we speak about different peppers (green, black, red and white), it is the same plant.

- Green pepper is “fresh” pepper. It is harvested all year round. This pepper has not reached the stage of maturity and once harvested, you can only keep it for few days. Cambodian people use it as a vegetable and cook it with see food.
-   Black pepper is made from green pepper, usually almost at the maturity point but not necessarily and is dried 10 days in the sun

- Red pepper, used with meat, is mature pepper which has been dried in the sun for 10 days.
- White pepper, very good with see food, is made from red pepper. The red pepper is harvested, then boiled in water for 20 minutes and disposed of its red skin.

Of course we went to Kep, the crab city, to eat a good crab with Kampot pepper!!!

We spent a quiet New year ‘s Eve in this city near the Mekong river: It is a lovely place but not the good choice for NYE…

Anyway, we went then to Koh Ta Kiev Island, an « almost deserted island » in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and it was a good decision. We camped in front of the see, on a remote beach, with the jungle behind us. 30 degrees in the air, 26 in the water… 5 camping days, without electricity and running water. Our program: swimming, BBQ, reading, walking in the jungle…

We went to a fishing village and one family, who couldn’t speak English at all, cooked fresh crabs for us. Soooo lovely!!!

We finished our stay in Cambodia in Kratie, a town well-known for its river dolphins. These Irrawady dolphins live in the Mekong River but are an endangered species. Nowadays only less than 100 dolphins still live here. Fishing nets are the biggest problem for this animal and even if they are now protected, many fishermen still use these nets. Mekong dolphins have a round head (not like the ocean dolphins who have a “nose”) but unfortunately we couldn’t see their face, because they didn’t jump high enough!

Our one month stay in Cambodia is now finished. It was a really relaxing place where we could benefit from the French influence to eat delicious French food!!! Now we are heading to Lao by bus.
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