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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!

Posted by Flo et Romain on April 30 2016, 16:34pm

Well, it's been a month since we left Quebec to regain France !! Between joy and sadness our heart still balances J!

Let's go a few weeks back: D-2 before flying, Romain feels nostalgia... the adventure is almost over ... From my side I am happy ... until D-1 ... and there is the drama: tears flow ... But why? Because this bohemian and carefree lifestyle is over? Because the landscapes we will see will no longer look like the Grand Canyon but like our plains covered with potato fields? Or are they tears of joy? Because we will find the people we love? Because we will not need to make and unmake our bags every day? Because the cheese is no longer a luxury item ??? It is both actually!

Indeed, these two years have passed with amazing speed, we enjoyed every second, we were amazed at every moment, we met great people, we argued, we loved each other,we got engaged... and there we are, back to the same place !!!

Is it really a step backwards? Not really: we have changed a bit? A lot ? Too much? Not at all ? ... It is for you to tell us! And it is especially a new page in our history that begins: a marriage in perspective, memories to tell people, finding a job (well that's the easy part) ...

D-Day ! We pass the customs at Paris airport (with 1 hour delay ... it was necessary that it happens on the last flight), our hearts start to beat faster! We're excited and scared! Scared of what ? We do not know actually ... fear that our everyday life is coming soon !!! But we can’t wait to tighten our families in our arms! We know they are there, behind the door (well we hope so..) but we still have to wait for our luggage !!!

That's it, we have our bags, we switch on the GoPro and pass security !!! They are all there, our parents and our brothers and sisters !! The GoPro did not help because in 3 seconds we were into the arms of each other !!! My parents made a beautiful banner with balloons ... With that one we don’t go unnoticed !!! Tears are again around the eyes, but this time for sure, they are only tears of joy !!! And now, in less than a minute we are back to reality ... it's amazing !!! Do we have dreamed two years have gone by? The time has he stopped? No, everything is real, but our minds are still somewhere else ...

The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!
The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!

Direction home! 1st change, my parents made some work at home and I find a totally different house !!!, Champagne arrives, followed by lots of good things to eat! The words burst forth, we announce our wedding, bubbles flows again ... It is a magical time !!!

The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!
The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!

And after 2 days with our families, everyone leaves home ... We spent two years 24/24 together, so this "separation" is really strange ... but enjoyable too!

We are here today, after a month in France. We saw most of our friends (but some are still missing) and we realize that two years is still long: some got married, some have children, others have both ... So, of course we talked about us, but we listened to a lot! Life went on with its sordid news, with its rain and sunshine ... and we were in our own world ... we have things to catch up with !!

And in France there is also a lot of administrative paperwork ... We have a lot to do! We go here, we sent a paper there, we call there, recall here ... It's not the most fun part!

In one month we had no time to get bored. We still have a month to prepare ourselves then it will be time to work again !!! We will tell you how it goes in few weeks but today, we are very happy to be back ... and we are already thinking of our next vacation! (which will also be our honeymoon ... and we have plenty of ideas ;-))

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