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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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  • Hoi An – the lantern city and a happy new year

    28 February 2015 ( #Vietnam )

    Hoi An is a small town in Central Vietnam, along the coast. It was an important port and the city is amazingly beautiful. It is a Unesco World Heritage. Walking in the streets with orange houses and thousands of colourful lanterns is really lovely. Only...

  • Can Tho : The Mekong Delta and its floating markets

    13 March 2015 ( #Vietnam )

    To finish our one month stay in Vietnam, we went to the Mekong Delta. One of the biggest Delta in the world. And what is better than discover the delta while being ourselves on the water? With our friends Manon and Clément we rented a boat (with a driver)...

  • Hué, old imperial capital of Vietnam

    21 February 2015 ( #Vietnam )

    After a night in a deluxe night bus (beds, and wifi!!!!) we arrived in Hué which was the capital of the country between 1802 (after reunification) and 1945. This town, residency of the emperors, became the capital of religion, art and politics; but the...

  • Ho Chi Minh : a mix between past and future

    06 March 2015 ( #Vietnam )

    After being dropped by the car near our hotel; we first had to cross a huge boulevard… full of motorbikes driving in all possible directions. It is really impressive and Vietnam is definitely the king of the two wheels vehicles….At least, we are now able...

  • Isla del Sol : First meeting with the Incas on Titicaca Lake

    30 September 2015 ( #Bolivia )

    After these few days in La Paz, we were impatient to arrive at Titicaca Lake. This lake is the biggest of South America and is also the highest lake with boat traffic. It is 3814 metres above sea level. In the middle of the lake are many islands. We visited...

  • Louisiana: jazz and an air of freedom

    06 February 2016 ( #USA )

    After our follies in the theme parks, we arrived in Louisiana. And do you know where does the name "Louisiana" come from? It was given in 1682 by a French explorer who took over the region in the name of King Louis XIV! (And for the rest of history, Louisiana...

  • Tahiti and Moorea : a piece of France on the other side of the world!

    14 July 2015 ( #French Polynesia )

    After the cold of NZ and before winter in South America, we did a sun bathe in French Polynesia! We stayed there only one week…and it was really not enough!! But we should start with the beginning: we lived 2 times the same day!!! No, we’re not getting...

  • How does school look like in France ??

    12 October 2013

    On Friday 4th of October we visited for the second time the Sainte Marie School in Forest sur Marque (North of France). What a good surprise to see that kids didn’t forget us. Just after few minutes in the school ground we could here “Hey, look at that,...

  • The come back: the final stage of the journey !!!

    30 April 2016

    Well, it's been a month since we left Quebec to regain France !! Between joy and sadness our heart still balances J! Let's go a few weeks back: D-2 before flying, Romain feels nostalgia... the adventure is almost over ... From my side I am happy ... until...

  • Thanks you School Sainte Marie

    10 April 2014 ( #Games, #School )

    Friday 20th April (20 days before leaving) we went back to the Sainte Marie school to say them Good Bye and See you soon! Program included: Gifts, games, a lot of smiles, some questions and at last but not least a lot of enthusiasm. In fact the pupils...

  • Kuala Lumpur : A visit at the International School (ISKL)!

    14 March 2015 ( #Malaysia )

    This stop over was not planned…We were supposed to land in KL just quickly in order to catch our flight to Australia…but when we were in Phnom Penh we met Heidi, teacher at the ISKL and she liked our project and invited us to visit her school! Of course...

  • D-Days in 50 days!!!

    06 March 2014

    We will take off to Nairobi in 50 days! (For Flo’s birthday) That’s amazing because we are preparing this trip since more than one year. But it’s also hard for us to realize what that mean!!! We resigned our job (last working day is on 28th of March),...

  • "All Equal and yet so different !! "

    20 November 2015

    The School of Mouvaux (France) which is following our adventure for almost 19 months now, has a theme: "All Equal and yet so different!" On November 20, the International Day of Children's Rights, it is good to remember that our dear little darlings are...

  • Lao : the conclusion

    11 February 2015 ( #Advice, #Laos )

    Lao was a crush for us : friendly people, beautiful landscapes… so let’s have a look to our conclusion :

  • Argentina : the conclusion

    27 August 2015 ( #Advice, #Argentina )

    After one month of travelling in this huge country, it is time to make our small conclusion

  • Chile : the conclusion

    28 August 2015 ( #Chile, #Advice )

    We did not visit a lot of places in Chile but we still give you our feelings!

  • Peru : the conclusion

    31 October 2015 ( #Peru, #Advice )

    After a month through Peru, it’s time for a little conclusion. We really enjoyed the History and the different sceneries of this country.

  • Vietnam : the conclusion

    13 March 2015 ( #Vietnam, #Advice )

    After one month in Vietnam, our last Asian country, here is our conclusion :

  • Bolivia : The conclusion

    30 September 2015 ( #Bolivia, #Advice )

    A usual, when we leave a country we write a small personal conclusion about it !!!

  • Australia : the conclusion

    27 May 2015 ( #Australia, #Advice )

    After more than two and a half months on the Australian roads with our car, we leave this amazing country with a hint of sadness ! Please find here our conclusion (with our private comments of course..) This time it was really hard for us to find “we...

  • Games with pupils of Ecole Sainte Marie

    28 May 2013 ( #School, #Games )

    Friday, 17. May we visited the School Sainte Marie. The day was really interesting for us but also for the kids. First we presented our project and the itinerary to the pupils. We tried to answer their questions but sometimes it was hard. Then we went...

  • Thika: An unexpected meeting

    05 May 2014 ( #Kenya, #Games )

    Since Tuesday we are in Thika. It’s a small town with 100000 inhabitants, one hour drive from Nairobi. Why did we choose Thika? First because we wanted to see the fourteen falls and second because we wanted to escape from Nairobi…. And we did a good choice,...

  • We are finalists :-)

    03 March 2014

    We are proud to announce that we are one of the 7 finalists of Light My Fire adventure. Please find our blog here: http://www.lightmyfire.com/adventure-blog/games-and-stakes-of-worldwide-playgrounds.aspx And don’t hesitate to visit Light My Fire Webpage....

  • Luang Prabang and Muang Gnoi : Beautiful landscapes again !!!

    08 February 2015 ( #Laos )

    As Lao has only few inhabitants and is mountainous, we saw beautiful and wild landscapes. First, just few kilometres from Luang Prabang, town well known for its elephants and its temples, we discovered the beautiful Kuang Si waterfalls!!! A clear blue...

  • Bangkok - Visit of the French School

    21 December 2014 ( #thailand )

    Before going to Cambodia, we made a stop in Bangkok at the French School ! We were nicely hosted by Philippe and his family! Thank you so much!!! The French School of Bangkok is very big. More than 1000 pupils!!!! So with all these minds, they had a lot...

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