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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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  • Thailand - Celebration of the festival of Lights (Loy Krathong)

    21 November 2014 ( #thailand )

    Thailand was not on our “travel map” (As we’ve been there 2 years ago) but our Indian via was expiring just before the festival of Lights. And as we had to fly through Bangkok to go to Myanmar, we decided to make a 10 day stop in Thailand and explore...

  • Jaisalmer and Bikaner, welcome to the desert

    17 October 2014 ( #India )

    Who never dreams about calm and a zen place ? We found what we were looking for in the desert. Riding a camel, we spent 3 days in the great Thar Desert, near Jaisalmer. Not really like the image we have when we think about desert (like nothing but sand...

  • Java : the volcanic island

    21 September 2014 ( #Indonesia )

    We left Jakarta and its pollution to visit the rest of Java Island. Java is the most active volcanic island in the world and has 126 volcanoes. Impossible for us to hike all of these volcanoes but we chose 4 of them, all different: We started with Papandayan...

  • Mozambique : the conclusion

    08 August 2014 ( #Mozambique )

    I know, it's a bit late to do the conclusion...but we had difficulties to upload our video about Mozambique... Internet again ;-) ;-) but here it is ;-) Enjoy the video!! CLICK HERE After 30 days in Mozambique, we have to leave the country. Our visa is...

  • Maputo and Ponta do Ouro: Our last few Mozambican days but a lot of nice surprises !!!

    10 July 2014 ( #Mozambique )

    Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. As all huge cities, it is polluted, it has a lot of traffic jams and it is not safe…(at least because of the policeman controlling you for some reason just because they try to get money from you) . But it was a mandatory...

  • Nairobi part 2: a very contrasted city!!!

    13 May 2014 ( #Kenya )

    Sunday evening, after leaving from Thika (and escaping from 2 bomb attacks in buses), we were hosted by Claudie, Sylvain and their 2 children, Manec and Andrine. Claudie is teacher at the French School for the 6-7 years old. Monday and Tuesday we spent...

  • Naivasha or the meeting with wildlife!

    13 May 2014 ( #Kenya )

    Wednesday we took a bus to Naivasha. Our Camping is situated just next to the lake. We can observe a lot of birds. During night an electric fence protects us against hippos: that the most dangerous animal in Africa after mosquitos!!! Last night we saw...

  • Mwanza : Tanzania gets Talent !!!

    25 May 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    After 19 days in Kenya, we are now in Tanzania. We crossed the border on foot at night! It’s a strange feeling to be between two fences with our big bags… But we crossed without problem! (checked). We then took a bus to Mwanza…What a scary adventure:...

  • From Mwanza to Zanzibar: a lot of new friends

    04 June 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    Tanzania offered us a lot of surprises: moment with artist street kids, a lot of animal viewing in Serengeti, swim in Indian Ocean in Zanzibar… And a lot of new friends!!! With this short post we would like to thank them for the nice time we spend together!...

  • Tofo and Vilanculos: Paradisiac beaches and a lot of discoveries

    10 July 2014 ( #Mozambique )

    After these few days in Mozambique Island we had to fly to avoid the political conflicts in the center of the country. In fact, presidential elections will happen next October and that makes the country under pressure. The actual government (Frelimo)...

  • Let’s go to Cape Town via the wine route !!!

    09 August 2014 ( #South Africa )

    When we speak about South Africa we also mean « the most southern country of Africa » ! That’s why it was a must to stop at the most southern tip of the continent of Africa. We went to Cape Agulhas, the point where Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet....

  • After KL : Jungle trek, diving and caves …. Enough to loose calories!!!

    06 September 2014 ( #Malaysia )

    City is nice, but we prefer nature… it’s quieter… or maybe not… Our first stop after KL was Cameron Highlands, a mountain area, well known for its tea plantations. We did 2 jungle treks: steep, muddy but very nice!! And in addition to the physical exercise,...

  • Singapore or the temptation island !!!

    19 September 2014 ( #Singapore )

    We spent 5 days in Singapore : this small city-country south of Malaysia! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a host from Couch Surfing… So we found a small guest house where beds where in « capsules ». Really nice ;-); instead of sleeping in a dorm, each...

  • Jakarta : Just a big city…. But so nice people !!!

    20 September 2014 ( #Indonesia )

    Good news, Sitta, a CouchSurfeur from Jakarta will host us for few days in this huge city. We ae so lucky we met her, her family and her friends… Because apart from going in freezing shopping malls or breathing the pollution while waiting in traffic jam,...

  • Mumbai : Welcome in another world !!!

    03 October 2014 ( #India )

    After a 12 hour journey from Bali, we are now in Mumbai, huge city from India. On the way to the hotel (by taxi this time, because it was 11pm), we were first surprised by the number of hoots per second!!! There is no single second where no car hoots…...

  • Udaipur : Last days of Durga Festival !

    09 October 2014 ( #India )

    First, before telling you more about Udaipur, let’s talk about our 17 hour sleeper bus journey. It was… chaotic: a lot of potholes, a lot of hoots… Not really easy to sleep in but an experience to do (at least once!) Okay, now let’s star tour story about...

  • Pushkar : the city with the holy lake

    05 November 2014 ( #India )

    We arrived early morning (after a new night in a sleeper bus) in this small touristic city. Pushkar is built around a holy lake counting 52 ghats. In the ghats people are bathing, praying, and washing clothes… But as the majority of touristic places,...

  • Agra and Delhi : Good bye Rajasthan

    11 November 2014 ( #India )

    After 3 weeks in Rajasthan, we went to Agra, the Taj Mahal city. To go there, we decided to take the train. India is well known for its good and wide railway system… but it is really complicated ! I’ll try to explain you: There are 5 classes in the train...

  • Varanasi : The city on the Ganges

    11 November 2014 ( #India )

    Do every Hindus know Varanasi? Of course, I guess! Varanasi is a city on the Ganges River known for its cremations. The Ganges is a holy river which is supposed to come from Shiva’s hair. (Shiva was loved by two sisters and he gave his heart to the first...

  • Darjeeling : fresh air and India from another angle !!!

    11 November 2014 ( #India )

    After one month with very high temperatures, we needed fresh air. So we went to Darjeeling in the North of India, in the mountains. Darjeeling is also well known for its tea plantations. Here, inhabitants look like Nepalese and have a different culture....

  • Hsipaw : a visit in the Shan region !

    14 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    To stay fit, we went to Hsipaw to make a 2-days trek. With Sai our guide and 5 other hikers, Iva from Australia, Seb, Delphine 1, Delphine 2 and Bertrand from France, we walked in the Shan countryside! Shan is one of the tribes which live in Myanmar....

  • Inle Lake : Life on the water

    12 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    After 10 hours in a “frozen” bus (aircon was set on the lowest temperature), we arrived in Inle Lake. This big lake is famous for its traditional fishermen who use a net made of bamboo to fish! After a “day off” to rest (that we also used to book our...

  • Mandalay : the Tek city

    14 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    To go to Mandalay we took the train from Hsipaw. What an amazing journey! 7 hours for…120 km! And it isn’t a « quiet » journey ! The train is moving from left to right and from right to left every times ! Fortunately we travel in upper class and at least...

  • Bagan, Hpa – An and Mawlamyine : Pagodas and Buddha everywhere !!

    14 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    Bagan is one of the most famous places in Myanmar. In a 42km2 zone, more than 2200 temples and Stupas are standing. All were built between the 9th and the 13th century. It is the biggest Buddhist place of the world. A lot of temples have been damaged...

  • Siem Reap – The visit of the Angkor Temples

    28 December 2014 ( #cambodia )

    Siem Reap is well known for its temples! What an impressive feeling to arrive by bicycle in the middle of these old stones!!!! Even if the Nature starts to take back what was hers, you can still imagine (or try to) how the temples were amazing and beautiful...

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