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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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  • Siem Reap – Good time with a formidable family and insects degustation !

    30 December 2014 ( #cambodia )

    Okay, the last (but not least) post about Siem Reap… But how can we do without telling you about our stay with Laetitia, Jacques, and their sons Antoine and Tanguy? It is impossible!!! Laetitia is a teacher at the French School and…. She loves traveling!...

  • Battambang – A wonderful Christmas

    08 January 2015 ( #cambodia )

    We went to Battambang, the second largest city of Cambodia, by boat through Tonlé Sap Lake. This lake has a unique particularity: depending on the season, either it fills in or it empties. Actually during the dry season (from November to Mai), water flows...

  • Phnom Penh or the horrible Story of the Khmers Rouges

    08 January 2015 ( #cambodia )

    We arrived in Phnom Penh the day after Christmas but the magic of Christmas was still present: Chris, owner of the Arun Villa Hotel proposed us to host us for free during 4 nights!!! He liked our project. What a lovely gift: Beautiful and big room, clean...

  • Kampot, Koh Ta Kiev and Kratie : Peaceful time near the Mekong River and the Indian Ocean

    14 January 2015 ( #cambodia )

    For New Year’s Eve, we went to Kampot; a well-known place for its pepper. As pepper lovers, we visited a farm. Pepper grows on a climbing plant and even if we speak about different peppers (green, black, red and white), it is the same plant. - Green pepper...

  • 4000 islands, Thakhek and Konglor : Mother Nature in all its beauty

    29 January 2015 ( #Laos )

    After a not so quiet border crossing (or at least, a corrupted border crossing) we arrived at 4000 islands. This place is, as you can guess, a group of islands on the Mekong River (sorry we didn’t count if they are 4000!!!). Here the River is not polluted...

  • Vientiane : another tragic story but also new games !

    01 February 2015 ( #Laos )

    After a long (dusty and uncomfortable) bus journey, we arrived in Vientiane, capital city of Lao, where we were warmly welcomed by our hosts Pierre and Cathy, both teachers at the French School. So the next morning, after a lovely evening and a delicious...

  • The wild and colourful coast

    26 July 2014 ( #South Africa )

    With our small car we arrived (with a challenging drive) in Coffee bay on the wild coast. More than potholes on the road, we had to avoid dozens of animals “parked” in the middle of the road and a lot of mad pedestrians walking along the road… But what...

  • Bago : New games for our collection

    12 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    We went to Bago, a city well known for its temples, monasteries and pagodas…But the entrance fees are 10 $ each!!! And as we will see other religious sites later, we preferred to visit a local school!!! It is not easy to be understood in Myanmar… But...

  • Yangon and Kinpun : Welcome to Myanmar

    12 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

    Hey, sorry fo the late update but internet in Myanmar is like trying to find French Cheese with row milk....very difficult ;-) Even if everybody still think about « Burma », this country has a new name (Myanmar) since 1989. (Because Burma only refers...

  • South Africa : or are we back to Europe??

    24 July 2014 ( #South Africa )

    After leaving Ponta Do Ouro in Mozambique and its sandy roads, we crossed the South African border on foot (without any issue) and we arrived on a “real” road ;-). Our first stop in that new country was Sodwana Bay, a national park well known for its...

  • The Garden Route : Monkeys, Birds, big Cats and a lot of fun

    28 July 2014 ( #South Africa )

    We left the wild coast to go to the Garden Route. Our first stop was a true dream for Romain because he did the biggest bungee jumping from a bridge (216m). A lot of sensations and nice souvenirs. I just walked on the bridge (yes, I already jumped in...

  • Nairobi: a city in the dust!!!

    27 April 2014 ( #Kenya )

    We are in Nairobi from 2 days now. We sleep in a small youth hostel with hot water (soooo nice)...but we couldn't find the option "quiet night"...so the first night was "a little bit" noisy...Anyway we had a rest :-)After breakfast we went to the railway...

  • Jodhpur and the Marwar Festival

    14 October 2014 ( #India )

    For each day, one festival… It’s almost like that in India!!! Here in Jodhpur we were lucky to attend the Marwar Festival (to celebrate and commemorate the heroes of the Marwar Region). But before telling you more about this festival let me tell you few...

  • Vang Vieng : Our Christmas gift from the French School of Mouvaux

    01 February 2015 ( #Laos )

    Vang Vieng is a small town near the Nam Song River. The city centre is not really a must see place except if watching Friends while smoking “happy stuff” is what you like. (Actually Vang Vieng was famous among the ravers and people who liked to party...

  • Zanzibar: Sea, Sun and Beach

    03 June 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    The hot and humid climate of Dar Es Salaam (Even of peace in Swahili) is hard to live with… The only solution is to go at the beach and walk in the water… That’s why we decided to go to Zanzibar by ferry. 1:30 hours to do 80 kms, that’s very fast!!! Stone...

  • Kenyan special local food

    17 May 2014 ( #Kenya )

    We already spoke about Kenyan games, African wildlife, but we forgot to speak about Kenyan food… You’ll be a little disappointed because THE speciality of Kenya, the one you can see in every restaurant is… Chicken & Chips!! (With some kind of differences...

  • Tanzania: The conclusion

    26 June 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    First we wanted to continue to Mozambique by bus but there is no « correct » border between Tanzania and Mozambique: The first one is only a river that you have to cross with a small canoe; a lot of canoes sink and in the river there are plenty of hippos...

  • Malaysia : The conclusion

    14 September 2014 ( #Malaysia )

    Malaysia is a very interesting country which offers a variety of different landscapes and activities : sea, mountains, jungle, modern cities…. And a huge cultural melting pot !!! The country is independent only since 1957 (but Malaysia of today exists...

  • Bali : sea, new culture, a French School … and a lot of tourists

    29 September 2014 ( #Indonesia )

    After Java, next destination Bali : New scenery : Hindu culture, plenty of tourists and high prices ! First we visited Ubud, « the cultural capital » of Bali. Here, all house entrances have two dragon statue (or monsters, I don’t really know). They protect...

  • Kuala Lumpur : Sky scrapers, hot weather….and a new culture !

    26 August 2014 ( #Malaysia )

    After 36 hours of travelling (with 9 hours transit in Mumbai) we finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur!!! So hot!!! More than 33 degrees with a humidity rate close to 100%!!! It changes compare to Cape Town! And even more if you look above your head: each building...

  • Siem Reap – Meeting with the children and…. Santa!!!

    29 December 2014 ( #cambodia )

    In Siem Reap, we were glad to discover the “hidden” French School: with only 75 pupils, it is a very small one. Again, it is so nice to be warmly welcome by teachers, headmaster and of course by the children!!! We first met Laetitia’s pupils (CE1 – CE2)...

  • India : The conclusion

    11 November 2014 ( #India )

    After one month and few days in the North of India (Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi, Varanasi and Darjeeling), it is time for us to summarize our journey. We really like this huge country but there are still many other places to discover! You probably noticed,...

  • Ilha de Moçambique : everything & nothing and a lot of creativity

    26 June 2014 ( #Mozambique )

    After a one hour flight from Dar we arrived in Pemba (North of Mozambique). The country has the same time than France but it is much more in East than France…That’s why it’s the country with the earliest sunset in the world (4.40 pm in winter)!!! Pemba...

  • Serengeti and Ngorongoro : The Lion King or the Life Story.

    25 May 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    Monday morning we went with a 4x4 jeep for a 3 day safari. In the car we met 2 other Dutch couples : Gejs & Nelly, and Thomas & Lisanne… But we also lived an incredible story… We were almost in the Lion King Movie. You want to know why ?? First let me...

  • A small nod to Katinka, Axel and Finja ;-)

    18 June 2014

    First of all; sorry for the late post,but you know Africa is not a really good "connected" continent !!! (but living without internet has a lot of benefits...like enjoying the outdoor...) And about "Outdoor" we have a small "gift" for you!!! It's not...

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