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Games and stakes in playgrounds

Games and stakes in playgrounds

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  • Travelling is a job… that everyone can do !!

    24 October 2014

    After 6 months of travelling (we started on 24 April) and almost 50000 kms done, we realize that travelling is a job !! Of course, we don’t have exactly the same responsibilities, but please have a look at these common points : - - When you don’t know...

  • 24 April 2014 – 24 November 2014 – The Light My Fire Adventure blog is going on !!!

    18 November 2014

    7 months already that we are traveling and that we try to share our experience and feelings with you! 7 months already that we are carrying our backpacks (heavy sometimes) and that we are sleeping in a new bed almost every evening! 7 months already that...

  • We have a dream… One day, the Children Rights will be respected !!!

    20 November 2014

    ….Unfortunately it is still a dream…. It is a pity, because having Rights is such an important thing!! UNO has always been fighting for Peace in the World, but peace can only exist if every Human Being has rights. And children have specific needs, so...

  • 1st March : World Compliment Day!!!

    01 March 2014

    Hello Everybody, We hope you know what the 1st March means!!! Yes, it's the World Compliment Day!!! So, our first compliment goes to Light My Fire: They contribute to people well being in supporting outdoor projects! And They have great products! THANK...

  • Many Thanks KEEN!!!

    27 October 2013

    Thanks Keen's shoes, our feet will be well protected and will stay dry.

  • Many Thanks Snugpak

    29 December 2013 ( #Partners )

    We participated at an Internet game and we won a single mosquito net and a response pack. But Snugpak sent us a double mosquito net + 2 response Packs :-) Many Thanks.

  • First newspaper article

    29 May 2013

    Ok I know it's in French but anyway we are glad to show you that they speak about us :-) Thanks Ecole Sainte Marie

  • International Women’s day

    08 March 2014 ( #Advice )

    It’s a good opportunity for me to talk about an important subject: What are the things to think about when you travel for a long time as a woman? The first thing I thought about was the birth control pill! Okay, condoms and abstinence are okay…But I prefer...

  • Kenya: The conclusion

    24 May 2014 ( #Kenya )

    After almost 3 weeks in Kenya, it’s time for us to make a conclusion. We didn’t visit the more touristic places of Kenya but we learnt a lot about the country!!! So here a little summary about our trip; but of course this is only subjective ;-) We like...

  • Adventure Description

    18 February 2014

    They will travel for 18 months around the world. Their feet will meet the 5 continents. Start point is Kenya and End Point will be Canada. The major project will be axed on the 7th principle of the DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD proclaimed in...

  • Few tips before travelling

    06 April 2014

    We will leave in 18 days for 18 months!!!! Travelling for a long time needs some preparation… Here few tips and/or things you have to think about before travelling: - If you decide to leave everything (House, Job, Phone, Internet…) don’t forget that you...

  • 24th April 2014 – 6th August 2014 : Our journey in Africa

    15 August 2014

    During more than 3 months, we wandered on the roads between Nairobi – Kenya and Cape Town –South Africa. We had a great time there, and it’s time to make few conclusions : - East Africa is a very astonishing region with plenty of various landscapes :...

  • Thanks AXANE!!

    04 August 2013

    A special thanks for AXANE who believe in our project. The company decided to sponsor us!!! Visit their webpage to discover the advantages of hydrogen. Maybe it's our next source of power!!!! And for us it's a big step forward!

  • Nairobi : here wo go!!!

    08 September 2013

    Today is a good good day :-).... Flight for Nairobi booked!!! Take off on Flo's birthday. (24th April)!!! we can't wait!!!.... and we hope that you are also impatient to read and share our adventure!!! Nairobi see you soooooon!

  • School DIDEROT in Nairobi second partner

    30 May 2013

    We are pleased to tell you that the school Denis DIDEROT in Nairobi, Kenya, will welcome us next year :-) For more info go on their webpage.

  • South Africa : the conclusion

    14 August 2014 ( #South Africa )

    After 34 days in South Africa, it’s time for the conclusion :

  • Indonesia : The conclusion

    30 September 2014 ( #Indonesia )

    We spent one month on Java and Bali but we still have a lot of islands to discover… We will come back for sure just the time is not decided yet !!! But for now, it’s time for us to make a small conclusion :

  • Donate and get a reward :-)

    08 November 2013

    Présentation détaillée du projet "[...] L'enfant doit avoir toutes possibilités de se livrer à des jeux et à des activités récréatives , qui doivent être orientés vers les fins visées p...

  • Cambodia - The conclusion

    14 January 2015 ( #cambodia )

  • Myanmar : the conclusion

    15 December 2014 ( #myanmar )

  • Malaysia and Singapore - The video!!!

    27 October 2014 ( #Malaysia, #Singapore )

    Finally... After some times, the video about our trip to Malaysia and Singapore is online!!! Enjoy! WATCH IT HERE!! And (re)discover our other videos here!

  • First partnership with a school

    28 May 2013 ( #School, #Partners )

    Here we go. The school Sainte Marie of Forest sur Marque (North of France) is interested by our project. Pupils and teachers will follow our adventure more than 18 months :-)

  • South Africa the conclusion

    28 September 2014 ( #South Africa )

    You've been waiting for it since a long time... But internet is rare ;-)!! Anyway it's better late than never so please enjoy our "South African Movie"!!!

  • Tanzania: Conclusion's video

    29 June 2014 ( #Tanzania )

    Hi everybody, Sorry the video is just ready but you know, finding a good internet connection here (enough to upload a video in low quality) is very difficult :-) Anyway, enjoy it and let your comments :-) VIDEO HERE

  • Welcome on our blog

    28 May 2013

    Hello, Welcome on that new page. We will post news about our trip: school visits, games, cultural things... and much more. Feel free to share and comment :-) Hav fun

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